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Diane -

You have been on my mind because it was one year ago today that I had the lovely pleasure of meeting you and bringing a most special cat soul into my life. (Sasha is snuggled beside me as I write). I am and will always be grateful. Thank you for entrusting her to me. I never lose sight of how important she was to you. I promised that I would always keep you up to date on her progress and meant it. I strive my very best to make her happy. High atop the China cabinet holding court over her kingdom. She is the lady of the house and absolutely fearless. (She makes the most of her tall cat tree) Sasha reminds me of an Angelina Jolie action character. She loves adventure and is constantly investigating. She makes me laugh a lot. What a true joy and beacon of light. She makes my life better.My pampered girl was given a cat fountain for Christmas from her Aunt Stephanie. I just set it up a few minutes ago in the kitchen and she is captivated.

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