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Dear Diane
I want to let you know how grateful I am for the two wonderful cats we purchased from you, Sasha and Liat. Sadly, we lost both of our babies in 2015.
Sasha, six months older than Liat, was incredibly intelligent and composed. Liat was our dear clown, and a hedonist who loved rubbing up against us and sprawling on her back for tummy rubs. Both were well-behaved charmers. They even tolerated our brushing their teeth. One of their more enduring traits was their habit of racing to the door to greet us whenever we came home. Sasha would then plop down inviting us to stroke her back, while Liat would dash to a scratching post for a workout, then stretch out on the floor belly-up for her own share of attention.
We miss our two babies every day. But we are looking forward to a new stage of our lives, getting to know two new kittens. We absolutely trust you to provide us with little girls that we will come to love as much as Sasha and Liat.

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