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My little girl is such a blessing. We have been having the very BEST time together. Sasha has become her official name but I came close to calling her "Joy".
One friend wanted me to call her Elizabeth (after the exquisite violet blue eyes that she has in common with Miss Taylor.) So much heart and intelligence (smarter than many adult cats) but she has also been displaying her humorous side to me. Sasha makes me laugh. A fascinating being. I love her so much. A fellow Siamese owner once said that these unique cats are a cross between a swan and a monkey. There is nothing like them. My favorite animal in the world. So far, she seems to be doing fine with her alone time while I am away during the day. (We were both concerned). Lots of quality time at night. Yes, she now has her very own television.
This is one of her interactive toys. However, nothing pleases her more than crumpled up paper.
We already play fetch and retrieve.

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