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7/26/2016 ADD SAVVY1 & SAVVY2 PIX


Savannah is 20 now and I do love her dearly and will miss her terribly. But I am prepared because I know she has had a long full life. She was my intuitive cat Diane. When I lost others (and she did) my Schnauzer Annie to cancer, and my Maincoon Bentley to cardiomyopathy. Savannah "saw" their energy almost immediately afterward arched like a Halloween cat and wouldn't go where Bentley slept in the closet. I had to look thinking something was there, and then I realized it was where Bentley used to lay all the time. And then the next time was on my bed where she always slept and so did my schnauzer Annie. She got on the dresser and arched and hissed at the wasn't immediately afterward was like you would have thought the cat was crazy as nothing was there. But because she had done it before, I knew Annie was there. I've never had a cat like this. She truly is intuitive. She was so special in that. There is no doubt in my mind that their essence remained for a time and she was able to see them. Nancy S.

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