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Shika and Rini



Hi Diane, Hard to believe that today marks 1 month since we met our little meeser girls. I thought it was the perfect time to express our gratitude for bringing them into our lives and to update you on their progress.
From the moment we brought them home they were HOME. Honestly, the adjustment was fairly seamless. It's obvious that they come from wonderful breeding and you did an excellent job of socializing them as babies! They were completely potty trained and (so far) there have been zero accidents. They're extremely smart, affectionate, out-going and lovable. We could not be happier with our sweet girls!! Thank you so much for helping us have a wonderful little family, Diane!

I've attached a couple of photos of our "Shika" and "Rini". Enjoy -- and thanks so much again!

My best, Melinda P.

SHIKA (front) & RINI (back)

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