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In a message dated 04/04/2013 ****** writes: This is Joel & Susan emailing from San Jose. We acquired a female applehead Siamese kitten from you in 1996 & she is still the adorable love of our household. I saw your website & thought I would send an email.
Our Siamese cat, Sierra, has just turned 17 on April 1st & lives with the 2 of us & a 12-yr-old Maine Coon. Those 2 breeds seem to bond well together, the breeder close who is to Salinas had several applehead Siamese in fact.
Sierra has been about 99% healthy her entire life, about 3 - 4 yrs. ago she had some arthritis in her legs, so we've been dosing both our cats with hip & joint with MSM supplement every morning with their breakfast. It is effective for Sierra's leg stiffness, much less limping & she jumps on her own to her own claimed high "turf" spots, like at the foot of our bed, or the back of our living room couch on her "blankies" about 18-in. square that Susan made especially for her (even made her a pillow of the same yarn & she loves it!). Sierra also loves to claim the TV remote in whatever room she's in for some strange reason, I've seen her using it for a pillow on occasion.
Thank you.
Your friends,
Joel & Susan

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