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Simba and Lucy


Simba and Lucy are soooo big & super cute!! Can't believe they'll be a year soon. Both play a lot and BOTH are lap cats and never far from our sides. In fact, Simba has kinda turned into a "mommy's cat." He follows me everywhere & sits outside the shower when I'm in there moves to sink when I'm putting on my makeup! He has to know where I am at all times & talks all the time & calls out to me if he doesn't know where I am. So loving! Lucy is a doll baby! She talks but more with her brother to know where he is. They are close. She waits by the door (so does Simba) when they hear the garage door & get so excited when we come in & Lucy rolls over for her belly rub!
This last photo was posted on "All About Cats," our vet's Facebook page and got the most likes & comments!! Pam W

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