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Dearest Diane,
My Siamese, Siren, is exceptional!! I cannot thank you enough for breeding such an amazing being. Siren has a perfectly balanced disposition being part lover, part madwoman! She is highly intelligent and becomes more and more beautiful with every day that passes. Siren is only 7 months old and she is already click trained and performs many tricks including "sit, up, down, jump, speak, twirl, jump-hoop, paws-up, and high-five." We are in the process of learning how to lie down and roll-over. Siren's favorite game is "Fetch" and she plays with more enthusiasm and passion than most dogs. Did I mention she is leash trained as well!?! My significant other and I take her for walks through our neighborhood with her dog Beatrice.
I have never bonded so deeply with an animal and I have never been more proud. I've enclosed a few pictures of Siren growing up in sequential order from day one (her hiding behind a box for hours) to the present day (her confidently walking on a leash by my side). Thank you again for such a magnificent cat! I hope you enjoyed this update and photos of Siren.
Kindly, Jennifer

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