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To: welovesiamese
Subject: Hi There~
Hi Diane!
I just wanted to say hi, give you an update on that perfect little kitten my parents got from you a couple months ago, and ask you a quick question.
So she is doing fantastic!! Her name is Snow (Snowy); she is the sweetest, most confident, curious and adorable little kitty any of us have ever met!! I can't believe how grounded she is, and at the same time how brave! She is the boss of my parents' two dogs, whom she likes to hunt and pounce on. She also has an affinity for the grandbabies (my three year old son and my sister's three year old twins) and especially their toys!! My son Elliott and she hang out together all the time when we visit my parents, and we oftentimes find her sleeping in his portable crib or with his little stuffed animal lovey that she likes too. She loves to lay in the sun, explore the house, and greets visitors more bravely than I've ever seen a cat greet!! We all just love her, but especially my mom. They already have a very special, close relationship and spend a ton of time together. I'll attach some pics, one of her in my son's puzzle box top, and one playing with my son's train table/dinosaurs (that were just her size to topple!!).
I hope that this email finds you doing well!!! My husband and I after meeting Snow and seeing how good she is with the baby (my son is really a cat person more than a dog person-- it's already apparent at his young age) were considering talking with you sometime in the future about putting down a deposit for another kitten! But we are in the middle of moving right now so it probably won't be for quite awhile. Seriously though, the breeding and care for that baby cat is so apparent in her attitude, intelligence and beauty.
Alright I will hopefully talk to you soon Diane!!
Take Care, Kara

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