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SOPHIE - "a most excellent cat"


Hi Diane,

I was lucky to purchase a kitten 19 years ago from you. Sophie became a companion to my isolated young daughter, and later to my son, who now jokingly refers to Sophie his "best friend" during high school. When the kids left for college, she became my buddy, and I have been lucky to become "her person" for part of her life. We put Sophie to sleep on Thursday, she had been a very healthy cat up until a couple of months ago, when her age started to catch up with her. Her loss is mourned by us all. She had a huge presence, and was adored. She was a dog-like cat, she met us at the door, always had something to say, kept us company, slept beside us, and mostly wanted to be where her people were. Even last week, while I did paperwork, she slept on my desk. When she heard the front door open, she would get up to see who was coming home, she would greet them, and give them an earful about her day. She was amazing, and the house seems so empty without her.

She sat on the deck and, as I work from home, she would keep me company, too. She had a good life, there was someone always around during to keep her company. And we were all together on the deck when we let her go from our lives. It was time, and she needed to go, it wasn't fair to her to keep her around for us. Soph liked to be where the action was, and followed us from room to room, kept us company, and loved her family. She was a most excellent cat.

Would you have another like her?

Best, Jen S.

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