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In a message dated 5/12/2011 5:01:22 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, ****** writes:
Dear Diane
Suchin was very quiet that first evening and even the next day (see the first two photos) but then her personality started to shine through. She began to talk and leap and run (see the next photos). She is active and does everything with a wild abandon.Her antics keep us laughing. She loves to play and now will go to her toy box or just mew at us until we pull a string around the room while she chases after it. She explores every room and closet and there isn't a piece of furniture that she won't try to scale. I've tied a long scarf over the bedroom door knob and tied a string with a fake mouse on another. Suchin found them right away and likes to jump and bat at them then runs like crazy to hide then jumps out to try it again. Then, when she is tired, she collapses and sleeps on our bed under the covers during the day or directly my pillow at night.
She is very sweet and affectionate and we marvel at her delicate beauty and her unique personality.
We are thrilled to to have her join our family! Thanks for raising such a gem!
Elizabeth & Gerry

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