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Diane, Yes! She is Gorgeous! And cuddling up to me as I'm typing this. She is so playful, energetic, SUPER SMART, and such a conversationalist. Definitely TRIES to play hard to get but the second I turn away, she's rolling onto my feet and showing me her tummy asking for more attention. Everyone in the family Loves her as she successfully charmed us all.
At night she actually prefers to sleep in this little heated nook we made near the bed. However, in the morning she will hop up for some snuggles. And if I'm ever on the couch watching tv/on my laptop, she will immediately claim my lap real estate by stretching out as long as possible. Perfect companion.
Rosie LOVES the window; people watching and sunbathing. she follows my mom and me everywhere, inquiring about what we're doing.
She's the most perfect kitty I could imagine. Thank you so much for raising her. Whatever you do, it's amazing. Areya

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