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Sydney at 17


Hello Diane Here's a photo of Sydney at 17. She was very sweet. She didn't talk much while Toby (her 1/2 brother) was alive. Once he passed, she found her voice. She got along great with our golden retriever. She often slept using the Golden's plumed tail as a blanket. She loved playing with the feathers on a fishing pole toy. That was her absolute favorite. She liked it so much, we had to hide the toy in a chest of drawers. A few weeks later, I kept wondering why my husband kept leaving the chest drawer open. He didn't. She had figured out how to grab the drawer pull in her mouth and back up so she could pull out the feathers and play by herself! She also used to love to steal the bows off Christmas gifts. She would steal them and hide them and bring them back out to play with in June. I never did find where she kept her stash! Here are a few of more photos of her I pulled off my computer. She's the little one in the first photo. Valorie

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