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In a message dated 07/08/2013 ****** writes:
Tiberius is AWESOME!! He is doing fantastic!!! The ride home was very uneventful...he slept most of the way. When I got home, I did what you suggested. I took him in the bedroom and rubbed him down with some old clothes. He was a bit frightened at first, to be expected. But I cradled him in my arms, kissed him repeatedly and pet him. It took only about an hour or so and he totally warmed up to me...the bonding was well on it's way.
He is a lover-boy, VERY playful and EXTREMELY vocal. He found some of Landru's toys on the floor the first night and played like they were his. It was a joy to watch. He is eating extremely well and using the new litter box I bought for him with no problems. The stools look great...nice and firm (just what you wanted to know...LOL!!!).
As for his interaction with is developing nicely. At first, he wanted to have nothing to do with Ti. He'd hiss and growl at him. But Ti wasn't afraid...actually Landru ran away most of the time when Ti would growl at HIM. He is fearless. He is so outgoing it's great to watch him tear up the place. And as of yesterday they had both really accepted each other...sniffing each other and starting to play together. They've even shared the same food bowl...together! I was afraid of Landru eating the kitten food, but he is totally uninterested in it. It's Ti that will eat everything I put down...for both cats. He loves the dry Royal Canin, but turns up his nose to the canned Innova. I bought some of the Pro-Plan kitten formula and he chows it down.
Your assessment of the situation as to Ti being the best match for Landru was SPOT ON!!! Ti is very inquisitive and has already made my entire condo his home. Whenever he sees me he runs to me and wants me to pick him up and pet him. He follows me around and even comes when I call him. His purring is so loud I wouldn't be surprised if you can hear it in San Diego. Needless to say...I AM VERY, VERY HAPPY!!! He loves his new home and family.
Thanks so much for breeding and selling me this amazing kitten,
P.S. I am convinced through his actions and behavior that my Mr. Atoz's spirit is in my little baby. It is a wonderful beautiful thing!

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