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Toby at 17


Here's our boy, Toby at 17. He was an absolute lover. He had to "supervise" every activity in the house. He helped me on the computer all the time, and would lay across my forearms as I typed. He purred constantly and was the love of my life. His conversational Siamese was epic. We had 30 minute conversations regularly. He slept in the crook of my arm every night from the first day he arrived. He loved rearranging (knocking things off) the countertops. He's the one I told you loved to eat my plants. Even hanging them from macram� hangers didn't protect them. He would launch himself off the chair and swing from the hanger as he snacked. He "adopted" our Keeshond Abbi when we got her as a puppy, and would wrestle with her and taught her how to act like a cat. Toby even taught Abbi to sleep on the back of the sofa. (Not your average sight, and takes a lot of balance for a dog.) Hope you enjoy the photos of both of them. Toby and Sydney were wonderful pets, and they're the reason we came back to you for the new addition. Valorie

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