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Hi Diane, Just wanted to say, today we are celebrating our little ones first birthday! She has new toys and cards from family and friends.
About our Lucy. Her personality is as special as her looks. The smartest one year old kitten I've ever seen. Her favorite TV is The Tennis Channel and The Animal Channel. She watches intently. She shares her favorite toys with us and is always entertaining. Every day with our Lucy is special. She is loving, but definitely has a confident attitude, it is all about Lucy, or so she thinks! She commands our attention and because she is such a charmer we always succumb. Lucy is the boss but a very benevolent boss ! That's our girl and we really adore her and our every moment with her. We Love Lucy!
What a year it has been! She wants to let you know she really loves being with us and she has decided to stay in New Mexico. We hope that you are well and happy. Warmest regards, Melinda, Sharon, and Lucy.

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