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Hi Diane, As promised, here are some pictures of Xavier (French pronunciation, so it is "Zavier"' with his nickname Xavi/Zavi for short which sounds like Bali ). "Xavier Rules"' is my favorite picture of him. The other picture shows him with his blue fuzzy ball"' he was playing with it one day and then brought it to me. I tossed it out and he fetched and brought it back. We did this a few times that day, but the opportunity has not come up again"' if it does I will see if he shows the same interest in retrieving.
He seems to have developed an interesting habit. He spends the mornings with me while I work and then disappears under the bed or into my walk-in closet until about dinner time. He definitely spends the nights where he should"'- curled up next to me on my bed!
He is very affectionate and a delight to have.
Hope you enjoy the pictures. Best regards, Susan

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